What Funds Are in Your Plan?

When you provide a 401(k) plan to your employees, it is incumbent upon you to research, understand and assess all available investment options. With thousands of investment funds in existence, this is no easy task. But, selecting appropriate funds is necessary in order to protect your company and meet the diverse needs of your participants.

Avoid 401(k) conflicts of interest

Sometimes when an employer hires a mutual fund company to create a retirement plan, the employees get stuck with a limited set of funds to choose from. The mutual fund company may direct participants to its own funds, allowing it to double dip by receiving compensation from management fees as well as fund fees.

You can gain greater access to more investment options by working with an independent firm like Advance Capital Management. Because we have no obligation to use any specific mutual fund company, we can offer 401(k) plans designed from an unbiased, prudent investment selection process that are aligned with your participants’ needs and goals.