Plan sponsors can’t be expected to act as retirement plan experts. That’s why they usually pay experts to do just that. Those experts should do as much as possible for those clients, with the end result being “financially fit” employees. It has been proven that financially fit employees are more productive, bring less stress to the workplace, have lower absentee rates and can actually reduce healthcare premiums. Most importantly, employees that reach their retirement goals retire on time. This allows the employer to potentially save tens of thousands of dollars in healthcare costs and promote younger, lower cost employees from within their company.

Our Two Steps to Building A Stronger Retirement Plan

Step 1: Delegate the Administrative Duties of your 401(k) Plan

There’s no way around it. The administrative duties of managing a 401(k) plan are tedious, time-consuming and often stressful due to liability concerns. Most plan sponsors have neither the time nor expertise to handle the burdensome regulations, oversight, reporting, fiduciary process and best practices necessary to keep their plans on track. That’s where we can help. We can:

  • Provide fiduciary investment management and required investment due diligence
  • Identify and document measurable goals and objectives of the plan and ensure they are being met.
  • Review your current service providers to determine if they are good fits to serve your company’s plan needs in a cost-effective manner.
  • Ensure that fiduciary best practices and compliance responsibilities are being delivered and implemented.

Step 2: Focus on Plan Participant Success

This is where our role as your Chief Retirement Officer comes in. We are
dedicated to leading the retirement readiness initiative within your organization and helping your employees embrace a culture of saving. We believe this will improve employee outcomes which ultimately helps contribute to your organization’s success. Our mission as CRO is to:

  • Help as many people as possible understand and obtain their personal long-term financial goals.
  • Guide employees in achieving a sustainable standard of living during
    retirement through proper saving and investing.
  • Execute financial plans for a more complete financial wellness picture.
  • Provide continual education for improved participation and success.
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