Unbiased investment choices for your needs and goals

As an independent firm, we have no obligation to use any specific mutual fund companies. Our highly experienced investment management team is dedicated to providing your employees access to a robust, diversified menu of investment options, featuring funds from some of the biggest names in the industry. Investments can be selected through a secure, web-based portal for easy use by your staff and participants. You can expect a plan designed with unbiased, prudent investment choices based on our diligent research and your particular needs and goals. Primary drivers in our investment selection process:

  • Fund manager experience
  • Performance
  • Quality
  • Cost

Convenient, professionally managed model portfolios

In addition to our extensive menu of individual investment options, we also provide access to Advance Capital Management’s line of well-balanced model portfolios for participants to conveniently choose from. They feature a diverse selection of funds and are constructed across a range of risk profiles, ranging from aggressive to conservative, to align with the personal investment objectives of your participants.

Download the Advance Capital Management Managed Adviser Portfolio Strategies (MAPS) brochure on the right to learn more.
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